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6 Quirky Serbian Ceremony Beliefs

6 Quirky Serbian Ceremony Beliefs

Conventionally, serbian marriages were quiet, colourful and entertaining. While some of these traditions did n’t last the test of time, some of them marrying a serbian woman did, and are still carried out today. From something that sounds a bit like the wolf chase to an amazon- filled variant of the garter toss, we’ve collected 6 of our favorite offbeat serbian wedding traditions that are sure to make your jaw fall!

6. No Gems

As you may have guessed, the wife- to- get cannot wear pearls on her great moment Otherwise, she may chose from a wide selection of other jewels to add to her bridal charm( like gemstones and rubies). But, it is important that no matter what apparel she decides to use on her huge day, she Must wear a marital crown. This protects her from terrible institutions, and indicates fertility.

7. The Shooting of the Apple

After being welcomed at her home by a decorative painted arch, hung from an apple tree in the front yard, the groom must storm the apple off of the perfect branch in order to married the bride. This is a extremely unique and special custom that dates back hundreds of years!

8. The Kum and Kuma

The kum, or best male and kuma, are crucial statistics in every child’s existence. They are usually chosen by the few, and they are persons who are not only near friends to the bride and groom, but also those that they align with on a moral stage. The kum and kuma will help the handful throughout their union, and will also become godparents to the woman’s children.

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